T.M. Lindsey interviews John Bowe over the phone for The Iowa Independent about Nobodies, the recent raids in Postville, and what every day people can do to take a stand against modern-day slavery. June 8, 2008. Cache here.

Tara Bray Smith interviews John Bowe about life, writing, income inequality and slavery for Guernica. December, 2007.

Amy Bennett Willams writes an article for the News-Press about the struggle of Immokalee workers as described in John Bowe's Nobodies. November 30, 2007.

This American Life brings together the major players of the Tulsa Pickle Plant incident about whom John Bowe writes in Nobodies Listen on PRI. November 30, 2007.

John Bowe talks with free-lance journalist and blogger Megan McArdle about Nobodies, slavery and its nuances on November 21, 2007. Read McArdle's follow-up.

The Week Daily, best of US and international media excerpts part of the explosive Florida chapter of Nobodies. November, 2007.

John Bowe and Dennis Miller have it out! Listen on DMZ, non-members see transcript here. November 01, 2007.

John Bowe talks with the Carnegie Council about his book and the consequences of inequality in the US. Listen on or on C-SPAN's Book TV. Transcript here, or download it. October 17, 2007.

John Bowe joins Dennis Miller for a brief discussion of Nobodies. Dennis Miller Zone members click here to listen to the October 11, 2007 interview. Non-members pay $5.95 for a month membership. To read the transcript for free on our site, go here.

Author John Bowe talks about his investigation into current-day slavery in America with Faih Salie, the only Rhodes scholar performing comedy intentionally, on Fair Game, a show for the highest common denominator. Read the transcript here.

From Immokalee to Saipan, host Leonard Lopate undertakes an eye-opening, case-by-case discussion of Nobodies in this in-depth interview with author John Bowe.

Click here to listen to the interview or read the transcript.

Frequent contributor to Alternet and Eugene Weekly arts editor Suzi Steffen sits down to talk with John Bowe about being on Jon Stewart, the state of the agricultural industry, exploitative so-called "training programs", the biased coverage of the religious in the media, and how everyday people can help put an end to slavery in this country. Read the interview here

Listen to John Bowe and Doug Krizner discuss contemporary slavery on The Marketplace Morning Report, originally aired September 25, 2007. For the transcript, go here.

Watch Jon Stewart discuss Nobodies and labor conditions in the United States with John Bowe on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with John Stewart. Show originally aired September 24, 2007. You can read a transcript here.

Listen to John Bowe discuss the book with Rachel Maddow on a segment of The Rachel Maddow Show on September 19, via the Air America website. Segment begins at minute 56:45. For the transcript, go here.

Read the interview with Jeremy Elton Jacquot for The Tree Hugger, from September 18, 2007.